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TISSIMedica has been producing and exporting equipment for Air Sterilization in Underground Bunkers and Medical Theaters in over 20 Countries around the world since 2001. A wide independent scientific test report guarantee astonishing performances.

We manufacture several models of Sterybox for multiple applications: fallout shelters, dental clinics, hospitals, food industry, public areas and offices, etc. (PCT WW patented).

A range of certified Air Sterilizers to fulfill the need of respiratory safety and to reduce Virus spreading.

Air Released Free from Virus, Bacteria and Spores (pool test)
99% air sterilization within 20 min. in static conditions (real testing)
92% minimum value of air sterilization in dynamic conditions (real testing)
STERYBOX 25 Mobile and Wall mounting for rooms up to 25mt3
STERYBOX 50A Wall mounting or Stand Alone Support up to 50mt3
STERYBOX 100A Wall mounting or Mobile Cart up to 100mt3


The company has been producing and exporting in over 20 Countries around the world devices for Hospital Air Treatment since 2001. TISSIMedica is a brand of TISSI SRL, certified ISO13485:2016 as manufacturer of Air Disinfection Medical Devices Hospital Grade. Sterybox Line is patented worldwide (PCT) and has a wide testing independent report coverage to guarantee the effectiveness of the performances and functionality.


TISSIMedica devices are distributed thru consolidated and reliable Distributors around the world, most of them with a collaboration of over 20 years. Providing a qualified after-sale service with ready stock of spare parts and pro technical assistance. We strive every day to improve our service, our commitment is the customer satisfaction with problem-free machines.


The Sterybox Line Division manufacturing is close to Milan-Italy. We manufacture several different devices for Air sterilization for Hospitals, Medical and Dental facilities. All assembly, testing, packaging and shipping is made inside the company. Most of the Sterybox components are made in Italy, Germany and Swisse with international certifications and are suitable for the use in Hospitals and Health Care environments.


Thanks to the constant development of experience, both in design and production, we have been able to acquire over the years a high level of specific know-how in the Air Sterilization sector. The quality level of components and materials and a controlled and qualified production process are the basis of our production. All our products comply with CE standards and therefore meet the international safety standards.

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